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Avalon Town Members Celebrate Grand Re-Opening

Thank you to Unforgettable Magazine for the great article!

Unforgettable Magazine

When Art Messenger announced the grand reopening of Avalon Town, it stirred up my interest. I am not a professional critic, merely a lover of the arts. So I had to learn about this art community from the new owners and check out its vast supporters. The estate includes Amicus Curiae and Tabula Rasa.

I teleported to Avalon on Saturday, Jan. 25 hoping to take a few pictures. Among the growing-by-the-minute crowd was Avalon’s Manager,  Ethan  Westland. He informed me that the previous owner, Colleen Kesey, sold Avalon this month. She established it in 2006.

“Tricia (Aferdita) and I had been managing it for a couple of years so Tricia decided to keep the heart of the town, the art district,” explained Ethan while he mingled with those present. “And the residents were enthusiastic about it, so here we are.”

You will find the following artists represented in Avalon Town…

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Alexx Fenstalker Presents: Connected Together Across Solitude, a project to bring awareness to mental health issues across the world.

Connected Together Across Solitude Logo

Avalon resident Alexx Fenstalker (RL: Thomas Griffith) has put together a Kickstarter project to create an art and music installation within Second Life that will travel beyond the virtual world into the physical world and work to bring together people around the world and raise awareness for the struggles of mental illness.

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site that allows artists to create projects and generate funding for them by sourcing small contributions from many people rather than finding one source, such as a grant or single large donor. You can learn more about Kickstarter and Alexx’s project at the Kickstarter project site!

Avalon will be the host of the installation once the project is launched, and we are very excited to be a part of it! Please check it out!

Rebels Beach Party!

Rebel Beach Bash Invite

Come cool off and enjoy live entertainment, DJ and Trivia!

Rhia Yuhara   6PM
DJ Zola Bertrand  7PM

Rhia is a professional singer in Second life with many  years of experience in RL. A superb vocalist in the genres of classic rock,  contemporary pop and Jazz. She has an extensive song list and her performances will bring new energy to your listening pleasures. From hard driving, high energy  Rock and Pop to soulful Ballads and  smooth Jazz and Blues, she does it all . Come feel Rhia Live and let her rock your world!

Ripple ~ A Meditation on Waves: Grand Reopening in Avalon Town

Ripple - an immersive art installation

Ripple is a highly interactive art project located in the virtual world of Second Life. Created by Douglas Story and Desdemona Enfield, with the sonic environment created by March MacBain, it can be found high above the Avalon Town’s Amicus Curiae sim, and may be visited by following this link.
Ripple is composed of approximately 600 primitive objects orderly arranged in an architectural fashion which are coated in moving video; video that changes in a fluid, rippling fashion in response to the visitor’s touch, accompanied by a wave of specially crafted audio.

This array of objects is enfolded by a faux landscape composed of interlocking sculpted megaprims which Desdemona created from data derived from a scale model which Douglas made.

A grand reopening event is being held on Saturday, June 15th from noon to 2pm. The installation is open every day to explore.

Start Practicing your Pirate-speak!

Pirate Party 2013

Avalon Town’s Relay Team has already begun raising funds for this year’s Relay For Life of Second Life, and is ready to kick things off with a Pirate Party! A mysterious pirate ship has appeared in the waters off Tabula Rasa, and the crew is rolling out the barrels of rum and burying their treasure in preparation for a celebration.

Dust off your pirate finery and join us for the festivities! Saturday, April 27th, from 7 to 9pm SLT. Music by DJ Alexx Fenstalker, Pirate Trivia and prizes for best Pirate costumes! See you there!


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