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Marga J Exhibit Closing Party at TAG

Join us on Wednesday, April 30th from 7 to 9 PM, as we celebrate the successful first exhibit of SL photography by Marga J at Tricia Aferdita Gallery on Tabula Rasa in Avalon Town. DJ Alexx Fenstalker will provide some funky tunes to help us close out the exhibit with a party!

You can read more about Marga’s exhibit here.

Marga poster

Marga J on Exhibit at Tricia Aferdita Gallery

Marga poster

One of the things about Second Life that has always appealed to me is its ability to inspire the arts and creativity. Whole new art forms have sprung up around the virtual world, and new people have found their way to the arts and their own creativity. Marga J is one of the latter, a new addition to the creative realms of Second Life.

Marga spends a lot of time on very technical work in RL, and was inspired to start exercising the creative side of her brain here in SL. She began to experiment with landscape photography and Windlight settings in world a few months ago, exploring Sims trying different settings and scenes, taking photo after photo… “until my eyes and inner soul are in tune and say. ‘that’s it, this is the one that speaks back to me”. She believes that a good photograph affects the person who sees it, resonates with the person’s feelings at the first sight.

Presented in this exhibit, which Marga calls “Time to Think”, is a collection of some of her first experiments as a photographer, successfully reflecting the sense of a moment in time, or a pause for thought or meditation. I am pleased to share this collection at Tricia Aferdita Gallery.

Please join us on Friday, March 14th from 7 to 9pm SLT, as DJ Geoff Giordano helps us celebrate both the opening of Marga’s exhibit and the reopening of Tricia Aferdita Gallery, which took a brief hiatus while the Sims of Avalon Town were resettled. Marga’s photos will be for sale, and Marga has generously offered a portion of the evening’s proceeds to benefit Relay for Life of Second Life via the Avalon Town Relay Team, Knights of Avalon.

We hope to see you there!


Avalon Town New Logo Design Contest!

logo contest

With re-launch of Avalon Town in January, it seems only natural that we should consider a new logo image to go along with the changes in the estate! Avalon Town management would like to invite members of the Second Life arts community to submit their entries for a new logo image to be used in Avalon Town signage, promotional material, and on the website and Facebook.

Avalon LogoThe logo created by Avalon Town co-founder Madelyn Edwards (Matthiaos Aquacade), has long been a staple of Avalon Town’s image, but contains the element of Madelyn’s DNA molecule, which is no longer part of the estate landscape.

Avalon Temporary LogoTricia Aferdita created a new temporary logo for the transition which used an A in the font that Madelyn used to create the original logo, and retained the red tones to tie together the old and new Avalon. But, it was really only meant to be temporary and may not best represent the estate going forward.

What we are looking for in a new logo is something versatile that works well on its own or inserted onto posters and other promotional material. Here are a few of the parameters we have in mind:

  1. The background may be solid white or color
  2. Ideally the design would also work with an alpha background for a variety of uses
  3. It must incorporate the estate name AVALON TOWN
  4. Colors and fonts are optional, but should be easy to read
  5. The original font is called Caeldera if you wish to incorporate it all.
  6. Avalon Town is primarily an arts community, but we do have residential tenants and some other businesses, so the logo does not need to indicate that we are solely an arts community, although arts minded designs are welcomed
  7. Submissions should be 512 x 512 textures, mod/transfer if possible.
  8. The winner should be prepared to give full rights for the design to Avalon Town owners/management.
  9. If available, Photoshop layers would be helpful when giving us rights to the final design

Once we have compiled the entries, they will be put on display in Avalon Town for public voting. The top three entries will win linden prizes. The top three will be reviewed by management, who will choose the winning design.

The winner will be unveiled in a celebratory party to be scheduled in March!

We are able to offer a linden prize thanks to the generosity of donors to our events fund:

  • First Prize: $L1000
  • Second Prize: $L750
  • Third Prize: $L500

Deadline for entry is February 28th, 2014. Submissions should be sent to Tricia Aferdita within Second Life.

Avalon Collector’s Circle: Ziki Questi

Please join us today at 2pm for the opening of the latest Collector’s Circle exhibit in the Avalon Town Exhibit Hall with music by DJ Walt Vieria.

September marks our SECOND year of the Avalon Collector’s Circle exhibitions, and I’m pleased to announce that this year we’ve decided to open things up beyond just our town residents. Friends of Avalon – those who are in our group and are ‘regulars’ at our exhibits and events – are also welcome to participate in this programme.

Our first friend to exhibit is the fantastic Ziki Questi, who launched her own esteemed virtual photographic career as as new artist at the Avalon Arts Initiative. Since then Ziki has had several successful shows in galleries across the grid. Ziki is also active in the arts community and is an avid collector. Here is what she has to say about her installation:

Many of us have lovely objects of art stashed away in our inventories, rarely getting the chance to see the light of day. Thanks to Rowan Derryth for giving me the opportunity to share some of mine.

In addition to what’s on display, I toyed with setting out things by AM Radio, Soror Nishi, Scottius Polke (go right next door to see his things), Glyph Graves, Bryn Oh and others, but there’s only so much space in the gallery!

Sextan Shepherd’s pieces were part of his full-sim installation called Nemo, which began construction in March 2010 and closed all too soon in October of the same year. The two pieces in this exhibition were from the underground city and were found in Captain Nemo’s workshop. The textures on the wall to the back are also Sextan’s. You can see some machinima I created of Nemo here:

Tyrehl Byk is a master of particles, and his open air performances aren’t to be missed. Click on this artwork, Aurora, to turn it on.

The glorious big black cat, created by Unreal McCoy and Light Waves of Rezzable, was part of the extraordinary full-sim installation Greenies, built in 2007. I have tremendously fond memories of that place.

Cherry Manga’s piece, Advice from a Caterpillar black and white, I believe I collected at a Mysterious Wave installation a couple years ago.

claudia222 Jewell’s piece was a gift to me a couple months ago, and was then also included as a gift to everyone at the closing of spirit at Art Screamer just a week ago (instant depreciation haha!). I had already set it out in the exhibition here, and I love its many levels of detail.

William Weaver has created a revolution in light among Second Life photographers, and I selected three images that are all quite different. The middle one is of me, taken recently at his exhibition at Art India Gallery.

Another photographer whose work I greatly admire is Gorgeous Yongho, and she provided this image expressly for this exhibition. Probably more thought of as a fashion photographer, she has a keen eye for portraiture and composition.

Moriko Inshan creates all sorts of lovely objects, and I smiled when I came across her simple but beautiful three-dimensional pieces. Of this one, she remarks: “Three-dimensional piece embellished with flexi-banners, cat silhouette and sculpted feed sacks. Post-processing of original photo, captured at Zaara sim, accomplished through hand blending, lighting and raised filter techniques.”

Ginger Lorakeet’s art invites you to become part of the art object, and this piece is among my favorite of hers. It’s simple yet delightful. (Sit on it and see what happens.)

And Rachel Breaker’s work is just plain crazy. I love things that make me laugh. I’m not sure everyone would consider this “art” — but to me everything in Second Life is art.


Ziki Questi

My blog:
My flickr stream:


Avalon Collector’s Circle: PJ Trenton

July’s local curator has also been amongst the most featured artists in our Collector’s Circle series: PJ Trenton. In addition to being a brilliant photographer, he is also a fantastic curator, having owned Exposure Art Gallery in Avalon (and Cetus before that) for many years.

His curatorial skill is still spot on, as he has wonderfully displayed selections from his private collection, which spans his 5 and a half years in SL.

The show includes Avalon locals and favourites Scottius Polke, Ragamuffin Kips, and Winter Nightfire, as well as older, rare pieces by artists like Fuschia Nightfire and Trill Zapatero. You’ll also see more obscure pieces by perhaps lesser known artists like Enyaw McCarey and Krissy Sinclair, alongside wonderful photographic works by Ziki Questi and Ariel Brearly, and sculptures by the likes of Haveit Neox and Typote Beck.

Some of my personal favourites are artifacts neatly displayed from exhibits by Maya Paris, Bryn Oh, Rose Borchovski, and AM Radio.

PJ has even displayed one incredibly rare item: the only sculpture on the grid made by yours truly! It isn’t brilliant – I made it for last year’s Scary Art charity auction – but do make sure to sit on it and cam on yourself for a bit of fun.

The exhibit opens today with music be Frequency Picnic. Join us at 3SLT!

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