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Valentine’s Cocktail Party!

Saturday, February 15th,  from 6 to 8pm SLT, you can stretch your romantic holiday out a bit longer at the Rebels Theater with DJ Geoff Giordano playing jazz, lounge and romantic tunes for a Valentine’s Cocktail Party.

Valentine's Cocktail Party

Avalon Town New Logo Design Contest!

logo contest

With re-launch of Avalon Town in January, it seems only natural that we should consider a new logo image to go along with the changes in the estate! Avalon Town management would like to invite members of the Second Life arts community to submit their entries for a new logo image to be used in Avalon Town signage, promotional material, and on the website and Facebook.

Avalon LogoThe logo created by Avalon Town co-founder Madelyn Edwards (Matthiaos Aquacade), has long been a staple of Avalon Town’s image, but contains the element of Madelyn’s DNA molecule, which is no longer part of the estate landscape.

Avalon Temporary LogoTricia Aferdita created a new temporary logo for the transition which used an A in the font that Madelyn used to create the original logo, and retained the red tones to tie together the old and new Avalon. But, it was really only meant to be temporary and may not best represent the estate going forward.

What we are looking for in a new logo is something versatile that works well on its own or inserted onto posters and other promotional material. Here are a few of the parameters we have in mind:

  1. The background may be solid white or color
  2. Ideally the design would also work with an alpha background for a variety of uses
  3. It must incorporate the estate name AVALON TOWN
  4. Colors and fonts are optional, but should be easy to read
  5. The original font is called Caeldera if you wish to incorporate it all.
  6. Avalon Town is primarily an arts community, but we do have residential tenants and some other businesses, so the logo does not need to indicate that we are solely an arts community, although arts minded designs are welcomed
  7. Submissions should be 512 x 512 textures, mod/transfer if possible.
  8. The winner should be prepared to give full rights for the design to Avalon Town owners/management.
  9. If available, Photoshop layers would be helpful when giving us rights to the final design

Once we have compiled the entries, they will be put on display in Avalon Town for public voting. The top three entries will win linden prizes. The top three will be reviewed by management, who will choose the winning design.

The winner will be unveiled in a celebratory party to be scheduled in March!

We are able to offer a linden prize thanks to the generosity of donors to our events fund:

  • First Prize: $L1000
  • Second Prize: $L750
  • Third Prize: $L500

Deadline for entry is February 28th, 2014. Submissions should be sent to Tricia Aferdita within Second Life.

Avalon Town Members Celebrate Grand Re-Opening

Tricia Aferdita:

Thank you to Unforgettable Magazine for the great article!

Originally posted on Unforgettable Magazine:


Tricia Aferdita stands in front of the Avalon Town gallery board.

When Art Messenger announced the grand reopening of Avalon Town, it stirred up my interest. I am not a professional critic, merely a lover of the arts. So I had to learn about this art community from the new owners and check out its vast supporters. The estate includes Amicus Curiae and Tabula Rasa.

I teleported to Avalon on Saturday, Jan. 25 hoping to take a few pictures. Among the growing-by-the-minute crowd was Avalon’s Manager,  Ethan  Westland. He informed me that the previous owner, Colleen Kesey, sold Avalon this month. She established it in 2006.


Checking out Avalon Town’s grand re-opening party. What a supportive arts community this is.

“Tricia (Aferdita) and I had been managing it for a couple of years so Tricia decided to keep the heart of the town, the art district,” explained Ethan while he…

View original 616 more words

Available Shop/Gallery Spaces in Avalon Town

We filled up very fast, but we do still have a few spaces available in our Town Center buildings. These are suitable for shops or galleries, and we can work with you to modify the interior with an assortment of available textures. The spaces have two floors, you can live above your business, have two floors of goodies for sale, or have us remove the second floor and just have high ceilings! To rent, click the box above the inside door. This is the availability as of January 24, 2014, always subject to change!

Prim counts and price are listed below:


A large warehouse style red brick building with two floors. Traffic flow from both the center of town and people visiting the galleries around the outer perimeter of the sim. 200 prims, $5.50US a month ($L1417 at current rates).




Medium sized bright blue building centrally located in the Town Center. Occupied galleries on either side. Traffic flow from Town Center and Park. 100 prims, $3US a month ($L773 at current rates).



SHOP #12

A cedar siding inspired building with two floors. Traffic flow from both the center of town and people visiting the galleries around the outer perimeter of the sim. 200 prims, $5.50US a month ($L1417 at current rates).


Avalon Town Grand Reopening Celebration


Join us on Saturday, January 25th from 5 to 8pm SLT, to celebrate the grand reopening of Avalon Town! Founded in 2006 by Colleen Kesey and Madelyn Edwards, the arts community has been continuously operating in various forms for eight years.

In November 2013, when her busy first life led Colleen to decide to let the estate go, manager Tricia Aferdita polled Avalon tenants and found unanimous support for keeping the estate going, and was able to purchase two of the sims, Tabula Rasa and Amicus Curiae on January 7th, 2014. The town was redesigned to fit the two sims and create a more compact version of the community.

Come explore Avalon Town and celebrate with us!

grand reopening


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